1. Exclusive text-link format consisting of:
    Title + Subtitle + URL
    Image (no logo) 60x60, 70x70, 120x70, 120x120
  2. Adv units personalized in vertical and landscape boxes
  3. Bottom article and right side placement
  4. Cost per Click
  5. Network: Premium Publisher Network, 4w Selection, 4w Social (Facebook certified)
  6. Advantages:
    Direct response formats with engagement targets
    Planning on vertical channels, time ranges and geographical areas
    Behavioural Retargeting
    Segmentation based on beacons (target’s interests)
    Real-time tracking, reporting and consultancy

  1. Formats: in-page text-link, in-page strip banner (320x50), floating banner (320x50), rich media (expandable, interstitial and video)
  2. Cost per Click and Cost per Impression
  3. Network including Msites of the PPN Consortium, Premium Msites and Apps
  4. Advantages:
    Single  contact for all formats
    Planning by vertical channels, time ranges, geo-localization (GPS), operator, operating System
    Real-time tracking, reporting and consultancy

  1. Pre-roll video and text format
  2. Cost per Impression
  3. Network: Facebook applications and sites with Facebook Connect
  4. Advantages:
    Audience profiled on socio-demographic basis 

  1. Format: display (300*250, 728*90, 160*600, 300*600), rich media (Billboard, FloorAd, Lightbox) Skin, Video (pre-roll, espandible)
  2. CPM
  3. Network: sites devided by channel
  4. Advantages:
    Planning by vertical channels, target and audience
    Presence in all DSPs / Trading Desks
    Buying in Open Market and PMP
    Real-time tracking, reporting and consultancy

  1. Exclusive textual format, fully integrated into the recommended articles box according to the editorial style, marked by a specific adv tag.
    Image (no logo) 60x60, 70x70, 120x70, 120x120
    Text and link
  2. Cost per Click
  3. Network: over 200 premium publishers
  4. Advantages:
    Engagement oriented formats (content marketing) Technology for semantic and behavioural correlation Consistency with the editorial style
    Semantic and Behavioural targeting
    Real-time tracking, reporting and consultancy

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